The Innocent - Taylor Stevens One of my all time favorite kick ass series is the Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson. There were only three books in the series and after I finished them I really wanted more because I really missed my favorite character Lisbeth Salander. So I was really excited to find a similar character in Taylor Stevens' books. The character Michael grew up with adversity but managed to overcome it and become stronger. She is highly intelligent and focused, and has a talent for finding out information and for learning to speak foreign languages like a native. I really love action adventure books with intelligent characters with unique talents! This book moved at a slower more laid back pace from the first book, but was still held my interest from the first to the last page. As in most second books in a series, characters are developed more and we learn a little more background information on some of the secondary characters. It seems as though the subject matter of the story was more personal for the author, as it involved a religious cult. It was interesting to see the mind set of the members of the cult, and the dynamics of a cult. I am really looking forward to the third book and hope it doesn't take too long before it's published!